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Human Practices
As Synthetic Biology matures in a powerful and pervading technology, it's important to include the public in the research process to inform the decisions of scientists and companies.


Our efforts in human practices involve several aspects including biosafety, social activity and public education.

Since Ignis Fly is a project powered by genetically-modifying technology and Synthetic Biology methods, our work mainly focuses on the promotion of the knowledge of these topics and on surveying people's concern about them. Meanwhile, as we aim to use our project to control insect pest, we hope that people will understand the seriousness of pests and diseases transmitted by insects, for this reason we have carried out outreach and education work on the issue.

We have made friends with iGEM members and people from other groups, it is such a delight to have friends coming from afar. We also communicated with other schools, teams and community members to share our experience and stories while exploring Synthetic Biology.

We want to link more and more people from every group to synthetic biology and iGEM to enjoy this party!
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Discover more about our Human Practices in the following sections:

Human Practices Silver

Discover more about how we helped other teams, visited an hospital and took part in a competition.

Human Practices Gold

Discover more about how we shared our passion for Synthetic Biology, collaborated with a local FabLab and developed learning material.

Education & Public Engagement

Discover more about how we engaged with the public.
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