Team:US AFRL CarrollHS/Attributions


Our iGEM team would like to thank the following organizations:

United States Air Force for providing the grant that allowed us to participate in iGEM this year, as well as for providing the research labs and mentors that carried us through the project.

UES for sponsoring our iGEM team, permitting us to work on our Wiki and presentation in their meeting rooms, and for letting us use their lab space for training on safety and basic techniques.

Carroll for providing us meeting space, allowing us to distribute surveys to students, and granting us the opportunity to practice presenting to members of the faculty.

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) for providing free DNA sequencing for our plasmids.

Our iGEM team would like to acknowledge the following people:

Dr. Mike Goodson for acting as our main mentor for the RH lab and guiding us through the entire iGEM process. Dr. Goodson has been essential in giving our project direction and helping us to fulfill our research goals. His influence has made us better scientists and deepened our appreciation for synthetic biology.

Dr. Sveltana Harbaugh for helping the RH lab by instructing us on both lab techniques and how to use the lab equipment. Dr. Harbaugh has provided a lot of guidance throughout our project.

Dr. Irina for teaching us how to set up and use the spectrometer.

Anna Bennett for patiently answering our many questions and letting us borrow her equipment in the lab. Anna showed us many techniques necessary to our project.

Allison Huffman for helping us whenever we were confused with a technique and for always sharing her supplies with us when we ran out.

Nancy Kelley-Loughnane for providing guidance in presentations and helping to book and plan our trip to the iGEM jamboree.

Dr. Rajesh R. Naik for providing feedback on the presentation and advice going forward. Also signed off on the iGEM team and project.

Chia Hung for acting as the main mentor for the RX lab. Dr. Hung has provided crucial guidance through the entirety of our project and has continually helped us to troubleshoot issues throughout the process. His influence taught us that research is fun and we greatly appreciate his contribution.

Vanessa Varaljay for being a mentor who instructs us on new protocols, answers our endless questions, and guides us in improving our presentations.

Wendy Goodson for permitting us to work in her research lab, as well as allowing us to attend lab meetings.

Joseph Tang for teaching us lab techniques and aiding us in furthering our project.

Mattie Carter for providing us with answers to many questions and for taking time away from her project to help ours.

Nathan Ferguson for always helping us to find any supplies that we needed and for answering our questions about lab equipment.

Rebecca Raig for also helping us to find any supplies that we needed and for answering our questions about lab equipment.

Abby Neal for also helping us to find any supplies that we needed and for answering our questions about lab equipment.

Maneesh Gupta for taking time out his day to respond to any questions we asked.

William (BJ) Burke for providing our safety training and responding to any concerns we voiced.

Chelsea Riegel for helping us to troubleshoot problems in our project.

Carrie Drake for aiding us in shipping our plasmids for sequencing and for answering our questions.

Dr. Evans for answering any questions we had about the Boston Jamboree and the contents and format of our presentation.

Mr. Carter for providing constructive criticism on our project and tips on our presentation. He helped perfect our slides and the tone of our presentation.

Above all, we would like to extend our thanks to the teachers who made the iGem experience possible for us:

Dr. Martha Carter for initiating the iGem program at Carroll. As a mentor, she kept us all on task and provided the necessary guidance along the way. Dr. Carter has always been an essential part of every iGem meeting, presentation, and group function. She was always there for emotional support, helped celebrate our triumphs, and provided food on long work sessions. She became a mom figure for all of us.

Dr. Caroline Dickey for being the passionate scientist for the team. With her keen scientific knowledge, Dr. Dickey guided us from the start of the process and initiated the scientific flow of ideas before deciding on our project. She loved to hear our practice presentations and give us tips on projecting our voices and body language when presenting. Thank you for instilling in us the necessary zeal in high school to further out future scientific careers.

Dr. Christina O'Malley for being the graphics design artist for the team. With her unique Photoshop abilities, Dr. O'Malley inspired our team logo design and Mike the Microbe. In addition, we are thankful for the colorful t-shirts and poster for our team. Dr. O'Malley's outgoing personality provided the necessary comic relief for long Wiki and presentation sessions.

Mr. Matt Sableski, principal of Carroll High School for allowing us to pursue iGem from the start and giving us praise every step of the way.