Team:US AFRL CarrollHS/Composite Part

Composite Parts

Part: PLsrA_sfGFP


The plasmid senses and responds to Auto Inducer-2, a quorum sensing molecule, that is present among most ETEC strains. The constitutive promoter in PLsR creates LsrR, binding to AI-2 to turn on PLsR promoter site. Once quorum sensing signals are detected, sfGFP, super folded green fluorescent protein, production begins. PLsR promoter site in the modified plasmid turns on the ribosomal switch and starts the production of sfGFP. sfGFP emits a visibly fluorescent green response and alerts the human of the presence of ETEC. Our part was adapted from Part BBa_K117008 pLsrA-YFP.

Part: Plas_sfGFP


The plasmid is engineered to detect communication signals between the pathogenic E. coli strains. The first plasmid created with the PLas_sfGFP promoter is activated by 3OC12 in order to produce Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP). The PLas promoter detects 30C12, a known quorum sensing molecule. The team used this plasmid as an initial experiment involving promoter sites and the positive response to quorum sensing molecules.