Team:US AFRL CarrollHS/Boston

Our Time in Boston

Being a first-year team, we couldn't wait to gain the full iGEM experience we had heard so much about from our fellow iGEMers. Our first Giant Jamboree was everything we could possibly have imagined and much more! Not wanting to miss a minute, we kept busy watching other team's presentations, attending workshops, and exploring/presenting at the poster sessions. Even with all of these activities, we found time to tour the city. Here's our journey:


Flight to Boston

Visiting Ginkgo Bioworks


The Broad Institute with Cadets2Vets


Our Presentation!!!

Credit: Used with permission from the iGEM Foundation and Justin Knight

The Freedom Trail/Boston Aquarium

Mike's Pastry/Poster Session


Blue Man Group


Closing Ceremony

See how our photos and how we did here!

Flight Home

iGEM From Above photo used with permission by the iGEM Foundation and Justin Knight.