Team:US AFRL CarrollHS/Safety


Both the Air Force Research Laboratories in which we conducted research this summer were classified as Biosafety Level 2. The majority of the work was performed on open benches, with some occurring under BSL2 hoods. All bacteria chassis used over the summer (DH5 Alpha, E. coli Nissle 1917, ect.) were considered nonpathogenic.

Experiments and shipment of DNA (to the registry, for sequencing, etc.) were carried out safely and efficiently in accordance with the advice and guidelines of our mentors. Each student underwent Newcomer's Training that instructed them on administrative/office safety, emergency protocols (fire, tornado), how to use standard personal protective equipment (PPE) and emergency equipment (eye wash and shower), and chemical hygiene.

Our labs were supervised by both our mentors for day to day lab safety, but training and responding to specific questions were conducted by Tenika DeArmond and TSgt Christopher Hill for RH, and Vanessa Varaljay and BJ Burke for RX.

Finally, our labs are routinely inspected and training is completed in accordance with regional safety guidelines. We follow federal (OSHA), Air Force Occupational Safety and Health (AFOSH), Wright Patterson Air Force Base Instruction, and lab specific standards.