Team:NCTU Formosa/Medal Criteria


NCTU_Formosa: Metal Criteria

1. Integrated Human Practices

Expand on your silver medal activity by demonstrating how you have integrated the investigated issues into the design and/or execution of your project.

The establishment of our system was inspired by the urgent need for smart evaluation of peptides for large data and the crisis of fungal diseases. After the system established, we have introduced our system to some companies and research institutes who have tried out our system and have given helpful feedback. After their trials we advanced our system to meet the needs of the public. (HP Gold_Integrated)

2. Improve a previous part or project

Improve the function of an existing iGEM project and display your achievement on your wiki.

We did two improvements. One was to build a pest-resistant peptide prediction system based on the SCM to smartly and quickly search peptides for improving NCTU_Formosa 2016. The other was to measure arsenic ions from two aspects: improving a previous Biobrick by replacing a promoter and conducting further experiments based on a previous iGEM project.(Improvement)

3. Model your project

Convince the judges that your project's design and/or implementation is based on insight you have gained from modeling.

Our project is built based on the peptide prediction model and the disease occurrence model. (Modeling)

4.Demonstrate your work

Convince the judges that your project works.

The Parabase Website realized our antifungal database by the good functioning of the antifungal scoring system and the search system for antifungal data relationships. The antifungal database was validated by conducting experiments. Furthermore, the disease occurrence prediction was demonstrated by IoTtalk and the plant box. (Demonstration)

1. Validated Part / Validated Contribution

Convince the judges that something you created performs its intended function. Provide thorough documentation of this validation on your team wiki.

For the validation of the peptide prediction model, we have conducted experiments on the chosen peptides from the database to prove the database and have demonstrated it as a usable tool by the establishment of Parabase Website. For the validation of the disease occurrence prediction model, we demonstrated the system by IoTtalk and the plant box.(Demonstration)(Experiment Design)

2. Collaboration

Convince the judges you have significantly worked with any other registered iGEM team in a meaningful way.

We helped National Taichung First Senior High School to build their project.Also, we were glad to get the invitation from SZU China and be a member of Corridor. Furthermore, we also asked SZU China to try out our Parabase.(Collaboration)

3. Human Practices

Convince the judges you have thought carefully and creatively about whether your work is safe, responsible and good for the world.

To fulfill the quality assurance of the project, we asked for many suggestions of professors, companies, and government agencies to build our project with the concern of safety, accuracy, logic, and the contribution to the world including the expansion of the iGEM competition.(HP Silver)

1. Register and attend

Register for iGEM, have a great summer, and attend the Giant Jamboree.

2. Deliverables

Meet all deliverables on the Competition Deliverables page, except those that specifically mention parts.

3. Attribution

Create a page on your team wiki with clear attribution of each aspect of your project.


4. Characterization / Contribution

Document at least one new substantial contribution to the iGEM community that showcases a project related to BioBricks. This contribution should be central to your project and equivalent in difficulty to making and submitting a BioBrick part.

For the contribution, we have provided a Parabase website involving antifungal peptide prediction system and searching antifungal data services, also a set of antifungal peptides we predicted or validated from our antifungal database. (Contribution)

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