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NCTI_Formosa: Parts

     Our goal is to realize our Parabase system to work in reality and do further applications. In hopes that our system can apply to farmlands, we first attempted to produce antifungal peptides from E. coli in order to cost down to prepare for the mass production in the future. We have selected several peptides from our antifungal database and also by our antifungal peptide prediction system. So far, we have done experiments to prove antifungal function of these peptides.

     We have provided a collection of antifungal peptides, including validated peptides and predicted peptides that have been proved by our team. All the new Biobricks have been submitted to the Registry of iGEM.

Table 1. Registry of Standard Biological Parts

<groupparts>iGEM2017 NCTU_Formosa</groupparts>

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