Team:NTNU Trondheim/Achievements



  • Registered for iGEM, had a great summer, and attended the Giant Jamboree.

  • Completed safety forms.

  • Completed judging forms.

  • Created and shared the project using the iGEM wiki. See our wiki.

  • Created a page on the wiki with clear attribution to the project. See attributions.

  • Improved the characterization of an existing BioBrick part. See iGEM part page.


  • Experimentally validated that at least one new BioBrick part worked as expected. See iGEM part page.

  • Worked with another iGEM team (UiOslo Norway) in a meaningful way. See collaborations.

  • Demonstrated that we carefully and creatively thought about whether our project is safe, responsible and good for the world. See human practice.


  • The project's design and implementation is based on insight we have gained from modelling. See model.

  • Demonstrated that the project works. See demonstrate.

In addition to the medal criteria, we have documented our special prize activities in the categories: public engagement, modelling, applied design and hardware.