Team:NTNU Trondheim/Attributions


Throughout the competition, the NTNU Trondheim iGEM team has been advised and guided by a number of people and sponsors who have helped us to complete our project. This is greatly appreciated and acknowledged below.

Thanks to

Professor and supervisor Eivind Almaas for setting up the team, for giving us exceptional guidance during the competition, and for mentoring both our team and team UiOslo during the preparations for the Giant Jamboree presentations.

PhD Candidate Che Fai Alex Wong for giving us tips and advice on phage culturing and isolation, finding papers related to our project, and for being very kind to us on the lab every day.

Joachim Jahr for helping us design and set up our iGEM webpage.

PhD Candidate Eivind Bøe Drejer for giving us advice on central molecular biology laboratory tecniques.

Associate Professor Ingrid Bakke for giving us advice and borrowing us lab equipment.

Associate Professor Martin F. Hohmann-Marriott for helping us with spectrophotometry.

PhD Candidate Joachim Sebastian Kjesbu for giving us advise on chemostats.  

Staff Engineer Hanne Jørgensen for giving us lab safety training and general advice in the lab.

Staff Engineer Merethe Vadseth for helping us order equipment and reagents.

Professor Jan Egil Afset for letting us collect samples from the water treatment plant.

Bacteriologist Hans Petter Kleppen for giving us advice on where to find samples containing bacteriophages.

Our sponsors: Skretting, AquaGen AS, Institute of Marine Research, Vectron Biosolutions AS, Department of Biotechnology and Food Science at NTNU, Faculty of Natural Sciences at NTNU, Norsk Biokjemisk Selskap, The Centre for Digital Life Norway. See sponsors for more information.

Team UiOslo for visiting us in Trondheim, characterizing our plasmid and inviting us to the Cutting Edge festival in Oslo. Check out their project here. Read more about our collaboration with them here.

Team members’ contributions

From left to right: Prof. Eivind Almaas, Peter H, Jenny, Sheida, Marianna, Nikolay, Martha, Aslak, Peter D.

During the competition, the team members contributed to the project in different ways. Below is a list containing the most important things we did.

• Modelling the project - Peter D, Nikolay, Marta

• Systems regulation - Nikolay, Peter D

• Designing parts for the chemostat - Peter H, Aslak, Nikolay

• Designing plasmids - Nikolay, Marta

• Designing the wepage - Peter H

• Writing content of the webpage - all team members

• Human Practices - Marianna, Marta, Sheida, Jenny

• Sponsor contacts - all team members

• Working in the wet lab - all team members

• Safety - all team members

• Photography - Aslak, Peter H.

• Social media - Marianna, Jenny