Team:NTNU Trondheim/Team


Hello from Norway! We are the student team from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), consisting of eight team members with background in biotechnology. From left: Nikolay Martyushenko, Peter Dougherty, Jenny Nesje, Sheida Naderi, Marta Riise Moksnes, Aslak Todal, Marianna Sebastianpillai, Peter Poleszynski Hoel, and our supervisor Professor Eivind Almaas.

Aslak Todal (23)

“Hi! I'm Aslak and will be starting my 4th year on chemical engineering with specialisation on biotechnology. I have long been fascinated by gen editing and all the possibilities it implies, and I'm therefore very happy to get the chance to participate in this year's iGEM team. In my spare time I enjoy hunting, fishing, working out and play video games.”

Marta Riise Moksnes (27)

“Hi! My name is Marta. I'm in my final year of a master in chemical engineering and biotechnology. I am especially interested in systems biology and genetics, but also in politics and societal issues. I think that biotechnology has the possibility to benefit our future society, and this motivated me to join the iGEM team. Besides studying, I work with science communication at Trondheim science center. I also enjoy nature, travels, podcasts and novels."

Peter Dougherty (20)

“Heisann! My name is Peter Dougherty, and I'll be starting my second year in the biotechnology program at NTNU. I'm really excited to be a part of this year's iGEM team, and I think our project is pretty cool. In my spare time I like to run, hike, and play the violin.”

Peter Poleszynski Hoel (21)

“Hi! My name is Peter. I like reading, drawing and gaming with friends. Motivation for iGEM: Getting hands-on experience with both teamwork and scientific techniques within synthetic biology. And of course, every kid’s dream: Getting to be a mad scientist mutating viruses – to save the world!”

Sheida Naderi (26)

“Hi, my name is Sheida. I'm studying for a masters in biotechnology, specializing in molecular biology at NTNU. I'm interested in combining both the natural and social sciences in order to tackle challenges we are facing in our society. I’m really happy that I can attend the iGEM competition with our project. I like to go to the theatre, read history books, learn new languages and swim.”

Marianna Sebastianpillai (22)

“Hi everyone! I’m Marianna and I am starting my master in molecular biology at the department of biotechnology and food science. What motivated me to join the iGEM team? Well, I love lab work! I also find it interesting to plan and perform research. Moreover, I like to try out new food recipes and bake cakes, draw and visit historical places and museums.”  

Jenny Nesje (25)

“Hello! My name is Jenny and I’m currently on my final year of a master of science in chemical engineering and biotechnology at NTNU. Besides studying, I like to travel, go to music festivals, play the saxophone and eat good food. I also like new challenges, which is what motivated me the most to be a part of this year’s NTNU iGEM team.”

Nikolay Martyushenko (25)

“Hey! My name is Nikolay and I am coordinating NTNUs 2017 iGEM project. I am a second year PhD student in systems biology with background in physics and biochemistry. I am a strong proponent of interdisciplinary science. In my free time I am an eager free diver and pianist. With our project this year, I believe, we could take part in making a profound difference for today’s society! Looking forward to the Phage Age!”