Team:NTNU Trondheim/Contribution


Our team has contributed to the iGEM Registry by improving the characterization of the biobrick BBa_K325909 designed by team Cambridge in 2010. The biobrick is an operon consisting of Lux C, D, A, B, E under the arabinose-induced promoter pBAD. The biobrick has shown to cause light output in transformed Escherichia coli Top10 cells. Our team chose to improve the characterization of this biobrick as we originally wanted to use the lux operon as a reporter for our arabinose-inducible system. In this way we could test how the expression from the pBAD promoter was dependent on arabinose concentration. By looking at how luciferase luminescence from the lux operon developed with time after induction by arabinose, we established that a temperature of 29 °C was optimal. Details about our experiments and results are found on the main page of the biobrick in the iGEM Registry.